Penn State's Premiere Fan-Friendly Comic Book Convention

September 23-24, 2017

The following rules apply to ALL entrants, be they Individual Entries or Group Entries. Whether entering solo or in a group of any size, every individual person in the show will be held to the rules below. Entry into the event is at the discretion of the event staff, and we reserve the right to reject ANY entrant whose costume does not adhere to these rules! This also goes for any entrant displaying disrespectful, rude or hostile behavior.



Entries for this year's Nittany Comic Con will include two categories (Best in Show and Best Kid).  We will have prizes for the subcategories in each:


Best in Show                                                                      Best Kid

Best Hero                                                                            Age Group: 1-5

Best Villain                                                                         Age Group: 6-10

Best Anime                                                                         Age Group: 11-16

Best Group or Couple


Registration: No later than 1PM

Judging: 3:30PM (in front hallway)

Prizes: 4:30PM (prizes announced at convention)



Judges will be scoring for the following categories: Creativity, Craftsmanship, Showmanship/Character Execution, and Originality.



Every entrant is limited to participating in ONE category. There will be no multiple registrations for any individual for more than one category, meaning you may ONLY register yourself as one member in a Group Entry, OR as an Individual Entry Participant.



For those groups who are participating in a Group Entry must register the names of all individual participants and names of your costumes and theme i.e. DC Comics JLA Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. Group entries are a minimum of two (2) to a maximum of six (6) people. That means no more than 6 people are allowed in a group entry! No Exceptions!



Store-bought costumes are permitted, one you made or modified yourself. Modifications will be carefully assessed by our judges and must be at least 30% modified from original piece. This applies specifically to accessories and the body of the costume itself; footwear and jewelry don't apply. We can accept your entry if your costume has been commissioned (min. 50%) by a costume maker. We do allow props to be commissioned by prop makers. While we do allow for a few minor pre-made, pre-purchased items, we are looking for craftsmanship and creativity. You may also give credit to those fellow costumer and costume makers who assisted you during the construction of your costume entry. Evanescent Props will have repair kits on hand doing repairs the day of the convention should anyone needs assistance.



There will be children present and your costumes and presentation should be suitable for ALL ages.



The minimum age for entrants is 1 years old for any either category. NO EXCEPTIONS. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.



Anticipate about a one-three minute presentation of your costume to the judges during pre-judging. Depending on the complexity and detail, the judges may request additional time to observe and properly judge your costume.



On the day of the event, contestants must arrive no later than 1:00pm to check in.



There will not be a contestant dressing area.  You are allowed to wear your costume on the convention floor during the day if you wish.



There is absolutely no fire, liquids, toxic substances, or anything that may cause danger for you or others allowed at the contest.  That includes all stage weapons, swords, guns, bows, etc.  If your costume requires a stage/fake bow or sword, we kindly ask that those items be foam, cardboard or plastic.  If they are not, you may be asked to leave the item in your vehicle/outside before registration, prior to entering the convention floor.